Jersey Job Bank
Compliance and Monitoring

Jersey Job Bank, LLC (JJB) is a private company in New Jersey. JJB has experience in monitoring construction job sites that receive any form of governmental funds to support the project. JJB works with HSCM to ensure that all HSCM government funded construction projects are in compliance with Affirmative Action Guidelines. HSCM is committed to hiring minority workers, and awarding sub-contracts to minority or female construction companies.
JJB will accomplish its compliance and monitoring objectives by the following:

  1. The Compliance Team, under the direction of and through the Compliance Coordinator, will report directly to the President and the assigned Board Director representing the Audit Committee empowered with immediate oversight responsibilities.

  2. The Compliance Team will develop operating policies and procedures to govern Team functions with the inventory, risk assessment, training, communications, audits and corrective actions.

  3. The Compliance Team will develop and adhere to an approved timeline for program development and subsequent program maintenance including:

    • Scheduled meetings to review the inventory and any new or revised policies or procedures.
    • Scheduled reviews of complaints, audits, findings and corrective actions.
    • Minutes of these meetings will be maintained as a record.

  4. The Compliance Team will provide training and communications to all employees on general compliance and to specific employees on the responsibilities for compliance that may be associated with their positions.

  5. The Compliance Team will be trained to complete the assigned tasks of inventory and risk assessment, policy development and review, and internal auditing. The Compliance Team will benchmark and endeavor to adhere to best practices in all areas.

  6. The Compliance Team will develop measures of performance to track program effectiveness.

  7. The Compliance Team will function without fear of retaliation or retribution for any activities associated with the operations of the Program provided such activities are in compliance with this charter and the operating policies, information is maintained as "restricted", and all reports and findings are unbiased and substantiated with corroborative documentation.