Financial Management


Debt tends to be like a leech that sucks, whatever it is attached to, dry, providing no useful purpose but drain its host. To eliminate debt, reduce the debt - should be a main priority. This must be done in conjunction with maximizing resources, increasing revenue and eliminating wasteful expenditures.


  • New Capital Stream
  • Renegotiation of Existing Debts and/or Replacement of Existing Agreements
  • Tax Investment incentives
  • Efficient Management and Use of Resources
  • Increase Applications and Attendance to the Universities
  • Increase the Quality of Education

New Capital Stream
The Private / Public Partnership will introduce new investors to the Institution. The partnership between the investors and the institution will help generate a new stream of capital. The new capital will fund projects that will provide for a return on their investment and allow for a new revenue stream for the Institution to meet the financial expenditures of the University and help expand to meet the growing needs of the expanding University. Different agreements, tranches, options of types of investment opportunities and different avenues of capital will be sought after and utilized to help ensure the best rewarding agreements for both parties.

Renegotiation of Existing Debts and/or Replacement of Existing Agreements
The investment of capital will provide the leverage to negotiate and restructure the existing obligations of the Institution or replace the obligations with more favorable agreements. The agreements will be negotiated with either the retirement and replacement of agreements, or new agreements but either way the by negotiating lower interest rates and of terms of payment and if and whenever possible forgiveness of some debt. New favorable agreements will mean the University will have a more positive cash flow, allowing the University to meet their liabilities and obligations with excess funding available to invest in their primary goal: Excellent Affordable Education.

Tax Investment incentives
The investors will be providing the funding, bearing the risk, but benefiting from investing in an Program/Industry that will provide a return on their investment and with the efforts of HSpirit Capital Management LLC tax investment incentives. HSpirit Capital Management LLC will be advocating and lobbying for tax incentives at Federal and State levels these programs and tax incentives for the employment of minority firms and employment & training of minorities and women.

Efficient Management and Use of Resources
HSpirit Capital Management LL, is led and inspired by Mr. John Washington who has a proven career record of successful management construction projects, pharmacies and medical clinics. Relying on overlooked talent and training individuals. The management team will be a program driving by experienced individuals, training, promoting and developing a programs that will allow individuals and firms to flourish, meaning efficiently and cost effectively; reviewing and renegotiating of contracts; implementing work programs keeping the funds within the organization.

Increase Applications and Attendance to the Universities
The new funding, new dormitories, new classrooms, affordable tuitions will be a magnet for young and old individuals pursuing a college education. The applications will increase as awareness of the necessity of a College Education becomes an attainable dream. HSCM will help bring the University to the forefront of desire for High Schoolers and individuals looking for a new path in life.

Increase the Quality of Education
With new state of the Art buildings and classrooms more quality teachers will be attracted to the University. The increase in applicants will develop a situation of competitive applicants, motiving and pushing the level of academic excellence higher and higher.

With an increase in students, increase in the quality of education the more profitable the university and the more potential and desirable the institution to become the beneficiary of endowments and gifts.